'Ranked as '1 of 27 women entrepreneurs to change the world'

-Inc Magazine

it all started from a near-death experience...

MY NAME IS JULES and I have a story to share with you

I’ve always been a natural-born leader who has believed I’ve been serving something larger than myself. However, it wasn’t until I had a near-death experience and a direct encounter with that “something” that I really got connected to what my work was doing here on this planet.

You see, for years I was an entrepreneur chasing the traditional standard of success. I had built a seven-figure publishing company that was generating $30k per client and, on the outside, a symbol of having “made it.” Then one day in July 2015, I was struck by a fateful wakeboarding accident that sent me to the ER unconscious and paralyzed in my neck. Lying down in the hospital bed, I was visited by a white figure and six black shadow council members who said, "You have more work to do in the world do you want to do it?"In that moment, I knew I wasn’t ready to leave. I had never in my life considered if I’d accomplished everything I’d wanted to if it ended in an instant.

I said yes, refusing to come back as a vegetable, was zapped back into my body and felt this energy forge my neck back together and shoot down my spine. From the moment I woke up back in my body everything shifted...

My priorities have been turned upside-down, with making an impact on the top of my list. One month after my near-death experience, I was asked to be an ambassador for education at the UN. Shortly after Forbes invited me to Forbes Under 30 and to become a regular columnist, while partnering with me to host my now #1 ranked podcast for entrepreneurs, Unconventional Life.

It wasn’t until August of 2016 when I had a dream that I was leading an event for 30 entrepreneurs in Bali, Indonesia that my calling really began to come into focus. When I awoke, the first words out of my mouth were “Bali,”. With no experience or interest in live events at the time I chose to follow my vision and in just seven weeks I sold out the first event. I would have never imagined it would lead to me running events 10 years later on all 7 continents for groups of 30 to 200 and being an event designer for hire for top companies and celebrities like Jimmy Buffet, Diplo, Kygo, and others.

What I have learned is anything is possible when you co-create with God & learn to live in a new set of principles that I call the Unconventional Life. I have helped tens of thousands over the last eight years in walking their own version of this path and can't wait to see what unfolds next. 

Since that moment, I've radically shifted the way I've lived my life. I am clear my life has been created through me rather than by me. 

I vowed to make the most of my time here on earth with a second chance.




Hours MEditating & Getting In The Zone



I am the founder of Unconventional Life, a top ranked podcast, coaching, and experiences company that has hosted 5-day life and business accelerators for entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought-leaders in exotic locations all over the world for groups of thirty to several hundred. Unconventional life has reached millions of people in over 75 different countries, bringing together a community for those creating a life by their own design.



Unconventional life has been ranked the 'Top Event to Attend for Entrepreneurs' by Inc magazine. I am a sought after event designer and producer for hire having most recently hosted an event that took Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefer band to Antarctica right before he passed away last year. I love bringing great people together for wow experiences and supporting people through my coaching and masterminds on their path to creating their own Unconventional Life.


It all began with a clipboard in my freshman year at CU during an economics class. I was offered an internship to learn how to run a business- house painting! From there I went door-to-door closing my first six-figures in three months. I didn't keep painting but I realized i loved business!!

Started MY FIRST six-figure BUSINESS House painting!


I saw a trend happening and started my first internet business! Getting feathers from a fly fishing shop then dying them and wholesale shipping to salons across the country. Hello my first six-figures!



Figured out how to make books bestsellers on Amazon with a team of two other. Took the formula did a 7-figure launch and launched a personal development publishing house. Ran a team of 25 until i went through a business partner embezzling and ending up in 100's thousands in debt. Hello business learnings!

First seven-figure year publishing company!


The end of life being driven by me to the start of life coming through. Unconventional Life was launched with a desire to tell stories I never would've thought it would become what it has today!

Near-death experience shifted what i did next


Many awards and lives changed we keep growing! From masterminds to live events to the podcast to 1-1 coaching. I love what I do and can't wait to see the ripple of impact keep expanding! Launching my music brand Jules King this year. Stay tuned for the tunes!!

9 years later and a whole lotta love. ust getting started!

How I got here


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